Safety Tips

Summer Home Safety Tips

Keep your family and pets safe with our summer home safety tips. Learn how to keep your home cool during Alberta warm season.

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Know Your Winter Weather Alert Terms

Know what each weather alert means and when to take action.

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Top 10 General Home Safety Tips

Learn how you can keep your family safe by taking precautions at home. Learn the top 10 general home safety tips with Direct Energy!

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Be Prepared for a Winter Weather Emergency

Create peace of mind for your family during a harsh winter by preparing ahead of time and following these tips to be ready before, during and after a nasty storm.

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Prolonged Power Outage Safety Tips

To make sure your household is prepared for a prolonged power outage, consider our safety tips and plan ahead.

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7 Home Security Tips

Here are 7 steps on how you can help keep your home safe from home invasions.

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